Tuesday, 25 December 2007

A roundup of Altio 2007

Wow, what a year 2007 was. It's been a hard year trying to achieve major things, and 2008 has been busy hence late delivery of this message.

I've been in charge of a lot of projects this year including

  • deliverying a Graph tool and associated application for displaying relationships in data. The application is used by Compliance officers in big banks to assist in tracking suspicious transactions and relationships.

  • the next version of Altio using Java Swing for the main infrastructure. Altio as a product has been around for a while and we are now re-positioning ourselves to challange Adobe Flex as a tool for creating rich web applications.

As well as the projects I've been in charge of the profesional services including recruitment and working with partners to design new system architecture (SOA etc) as well as talks about Altio. I'm really looking forward to 2008 when Altio 5.2 is released which will have the new designer and new controls, plus a simpler way of adding your own Java controls.