Friday, 23 January 2009

Agile explained in simple terms

Neill, sent this link to me, I think its a great way of using Lego and learning Agile software delivery.

Neill, learn to use your Google phone to twitter! You could then post a video of it :-)



User Stories from Agile Advocate on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

26 - 30 Jan - Altio Roadmap - USA Clients

Next week I'm going to be visiting a number of cities in the US discussing the AltioLive roadmap with clients. If anyone is interested in meeting for breakfast or in the evening to discuss RIA technology trends and the Altio roadmap drop me a line at . It's quite a busy schedule so I can't promise to meet all requests.



26 Jan - Palo Alto, San Franciso

27 Jan - Palo Alto, San Franciso, up until 11am when I fly to New York

28 Jan - New York

29 Jan - New York (morning), Boston (afternoon)

30 Jan  - Boston


Roadmap agenda - usability of RIA applications, report generation, user computing, rapid development of RIA applications.

Australia - the missing weeks

OK, due to the lack of Internet access I didn't manage to blog everyday when in Australia and so have decided to do a late update on the trip. More as a reminder to me of a great holiday (photos are on Flickr).

Sydney – Tuesday, 16 December

Blue Mountains – well worth the journey into the mountains for some spectacular views. I have to admit getting the late tour out of Sydney was a bit of a mistake as it meant trying to cram too much into the day.

Sydney – Wednesday, 17 December

Sydney Botanical Gardens – everyone got up late after a long day yesterday, so we spent 5 hours exploring the Botanical gardens looking for parrots, bats and other native Australian wildlife. Oh and we looked at some plants as well.

Sydney to Brisbane – Port Stephens, 18 December

Lots of travelling. The camper van is HUGE, it’s like driving a 7 ton lorry. I can now say I am now one of those people who can cause a 1 mile tailback of traffic.

I was impressed by how helpful Australian police are, I guess they are used to Poms getting lost looking for Lemon Tree Passage (Port Stephens), not so sure British police would print maps and even try to see if a patrol car is going in the same direction.

We spent our first night in a camper van right on the edge of a river. I have to admit it takes some getting used to seeing Parrots and lizards wherever you go.

Sydney to Brisbane – Coffs Harbour, 19, 20 December

OK, Australia is seriously big, and I’m not convinced their 1km is the same as the rest of the world. Over 400km today, by the time you travel up and down several mountains I’m sure it was more like 600km. I’ve discovered you can get a 7 metre camper vans around some very tight bends – at one point there was nothing to the left except a 100m drop. Future note, when driving camper vans through Australia carefully consider the use of some tourist routes, they can be a major detour and take hours to complete.

Stayed at Darlington beach campsite just outside Coffs Harbour. The campsite is literally on the Corindi beach so you get to listen to the sea while watching the Lorikeets (birds a bit like Parrots).

Sydney to Brisbane – Tweed Heads, 21 December

Final stretch. Had to make a stop at Byron Bay, the most easterly point in Australia. As we had the camper van it wasn’t possible to drive to the lighthouse – something about the roads being too narrow. So we had a choice of walking 2.2km along a road or 1.5km through the woods.

The vote went of the scenic 1.5km walk. When it’s over 30C and you walking up some very steep slopes 1.5km feels like a very long way.

On eventually reaching our next campsite all we wanted to do was wallow in the swimming pool. I have to admit we have all spent more time in swimming pools than we ever would in the UK – I can’t see how Australians could survive without one.

Brisbane, 22 December

Koalas, Kangaroos, Possums, and Lizards – we went to Lone Pine Koala Animal sanctuary to cuddle Koalas and feed Kangaroos, well worth a visit.

Oh buy the way as Milly found out when cuddling Koalas you need to be aware that they poo (A LOT), and you have to hold their bums, yukkkkk.

Port Douglas – 23 to 28 December

Daintree River, Kuranda Railway and Cable Car, Relaxation, Great Barrier Reef.

I have to say if you get a chance to go to Australia then visit Port Douglas. There are no franchises, so no Starbucks, McDonalds etc. This means you can really separate yourself from the rat race in the rest of the world. If I should be lucky enough to return to Australia I will make sure Port Douglas and the Sea Temple is on my itinerary.

Brisbane, 29 December


Our last night in Australia was spent watching a fantastic storm.



If I could repeat this holiday I would skip the camper van and fly direct to Brisbane and then hire a car. Aside from that this was a perfect holiday. 2 weeks on and back at work is depressing as it feels like the holiday was years ago.