Monday, 11 January 2010

Where did the last few month go?

I can’t believe it’s 2010 and my last entry was in October.

I’ve been maxed out working on the future roadmap of the Altio and technology.

Altio 5.3 was released in September, and Altio 5.4 will come out before March this year. Altio 5.4 is likely to be the last major release of Altio using Java Applets for the front end. Altio 6 will retain the Presentation Server backend but the user interface is primarily going to be Adobe Flash, developed using Adobe Flex.

This means that for 2010 the toolset for user interface development using Altio will be Java Applets, Adobe Flex and HTML. The long term future will be HTML/JavaScript, but it will be a case of seeing where Google and other big players take HTML5.

The key changes to the Altio framework will be more attention on data visualisation for specific business domains such as Foreign Exchange trading and compliance.

I can’t see 2010 being any less challenging than 2009, and let’s face it life would be boring without challenges to overcome.

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